• Treinverbinding Tilburg - Rzepin

    Tilburg - Rzepin

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    Door-to-door services | 4 times a week | 20FT, 30FT, 40FT, 45 FT containers, reefers, cranable and non cranable trailers and huckepack trailers

Rail transport
The Netherlands - Poland

Since many years BTT is renowned for transport via road, railway and water. With the professional integration of these modalities, BTT offers perfect door-to-door solutions. BTT maintains direct railway connections between the own terminal in Tilburg, Railport Brabant, and several terminals in both Europe and Asia. One of those unique connections is with the own terminal, Rail Terminal Rzepin Spolka, in Poland.

Rzepin - Tilburg Shuttle

With the Rzepin - Tilburg shuttle, we can offer you reliable door-to-door services between Poland and the Benelux. The connection offers a solution that is interesting for both maritime as well as continental load. Because of the high frequency of the connection it is a suitable alternative for road transport.

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Services in Rzepin

  • Direct road and railway connections from Rzepin to Poznan, Lódz and Katowice
  • Cross dock services available at the terminal
  • Custom services
  • GPS services

Services in Tilburg

  • Daily barge connection between Tilburg and ports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerpen
  • Daily railway connections from Tilburg to Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • Shortsea connections to England, Ireland, Norway and Portugal
  • Additional container activities
  • Cross dock services available at terminal
  • Custom services
  • Trucking service


  • Capacity: 82 TEU per train (20FT, 30FT, 40FT, 45 FT containers, reefers, cranable and non cranable trailers and huckepack trailers)
  • Lead time: 1 day
  • Distance: 770 km
  • Route: Rzepin (Rail Terminal Rzepin Spolka) / Poland / Germany / Netherlands / Tilburg (Rail Port Brabant)
From Rzepin to Tilburg
Tuesday 21:00 Wednesday
Thursday 21:00 Friday
Friday 21:00 Saterday
Saterday 21:00 Sunday
From Tilburg to Rzepin
Monday 20:00 Tuesday
Wednesday 20:00 Thursday
Thursday 20:00 Friday
Friday 20:00 Saterday
BTT Intermodaal Nederland - Polen

Strategic location

BTT Rail Terminal Rzepin is situated right on the Polish-German border. Due to this location, the terminal is well suited as a transferium hub for containers from different Polish regions destined for Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.

Besides, the rail-terminal is attractively situated in an economically well-developed region. Many (electronics) production companies are located in this area. Also, an increasing number of large logistics service providers carry out their E-commerce activities from this border region.

Reliable, direct connection 

Between the Rzepin BTT rail-terminal and Tilburg there are daily rail connections. The train composition is suitable for 20’/40’/45’ containers, cranable and non-cranable trailers and huckepack trailers.

The trains operate in accordance with a guaranteed time-path, making the connection extremely reliable. Thanks to weekend-trains, this transport by rail is often even faster and more flexible than the existing road transport solutions. The fact that both terminals at each end of the train-route are operated by BTT itself, prevents delays and waiting time.

Excellent security

The BTT rail-terminal in Poland is High Secured and complies with TAPA A security demands. The terminal has a modern warehouse, suitable for storage and trans-shipment activities.