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Storage space

If you want to temporarily store your goods before, during or after their transport, you can! The BTT terminals have advanced and well-secured warehouses with modern cross-dock platforms.

With our extensive arsenal of equipment and our specially trained personnel, we can handle and store every conceivable load. From passenger cars to palletised luxury goods, from heavy machinery to all kinds of unpackaged goods. Your products are in safe hands with us!

China Cargo Center

For goods transported by train to and from China, BTT set up a special warehouse at Railport Brabant: China Cargo Center. All additional services regarding your China cargo are provided here.

Comprehensive warehouse services

  • Loading and unloading of FCL and LCL shipments
  • Cross dock facilities
  • Inbound, storage and outbound of goods
  • Automated stock and order systems
  • Climate control system for perfect storage temperature products
  • Special cargo handling by trained personnel
  • Stuffing and stripping containers
  • Various VAL activities
  • Dedicated warehouse options

Do you also want to be assured of reliable and safe handling of your import or export goods? Please contact us.

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