• Seamless

    Specialist in synchromodal transport.


BTT is a specialist in offering synchromodal transport. This means that we seamlessly connect various forms of transport. With this we always offer our customers the most efficient and sustainable transport solution. For example, international distances are often bridged by rail, even deep into China, while the first and last mile is by road.

It is also possible to connect rail and water. For example, products from Eastern Europe find their way to Tilburg via rail. At our multimodal terminals, they are transferred to an inland vessel heading for Moerdijk-Rotterdam. There they find a connection to a short sea connection in order to reach their destination in other Western European countries. Only the last part, the delivery to the final address, is done by truck.

Thanks to our large multimodal network, we can offer sustainable transport solutions for water, rail and road. With BTT as your reliable chain director for the entire process, you are completely unburdened and you are guaranteed a safe, sustainable and efficient transport solution.

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